What does your computer do when you are not looking

The World Community Grid Team

March 22 is World Water Day , a special day established by the United Nations as a means of focusing attention on the importance of fresh water.

In 2010, World Community Grid announced a commitment to water and 3 new projects. Toward that end, we've launched the Computing for Clean Water and the Say No to Schistosoma projects. Later this year, we'll be announcing the third water project for Watershed Sustainability.

To commemorate this year's World Water Day we are conducting a webcast featuring Dr. Francois Grey, from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, who will provide an overview and update on the Computing for Clean Water project.

The webcast will start promptly on March 21 at 7:30pm New York time, which is 23:30 UTC. In Beijing, the meeting starts at 07:30 (7:30am) on March 22. Learn how to prepare and participate in the webcast here:

And whether or not you can join the webcast, make sure your laptop, PC or Mac is running World Community Grid, and let your friends know this easy way to participate in helping humanity!

Thank you,

The World Community Grid Team