Let sleeping dogs lie

I had to go down to Englandshire again, to the shire of Berks. My friends there felt the need to take a weeks skiing in the US so I was invited to look after the two hounds. They are well natured Rhodesian Ridgebacks called Taff (dog) and Scooby (bitch). Say hello to the nice readers Taff, say hello Scooby. They are quite a handful to manage so I take them walkies one at a time. The first time I did that they found it to be a traumatic experience but the second time they were expecting it and were well behaved.

It is only the second day but they already know they don’t get to go walkies until they sit so I can get the lead on. I also have them sit before they get treats, they have dog biscuits and denta chews as their treats. The next thing is training them to ‘stay’. I started the training with Taff and Scooby saw there was an easy way to get dog biscuits so she joined in without me having to ask her. Today was only the second day of training and when I got two dog biscuits out of the jar they initially got excited but by the time I turned round to them they were already sitting.

Let sleeping dogs lie they say. These poor old hounds really know how to sleep. The normal day for them is to wake up and come downstairs, a drink of water, out into the back garden for the necessary and then into the living room for a well deserved pre-lunch nap. Taff likes to take his 140 winks on the sofa. Scooby, prefers to snuggle up to a nice cosy duvet.

All too soon it is time to stir and some water is necessary. Quick visit to the back garden and then it is time for a walk to build up an appetite before lunch. After eating it is only natural to take a post prandial nap. All too soon the day is over and it is time to go upstairs for to get some serious shut eye  in the double bed. It used to be my bed but I make do with the single bed.

It’s a hard life but a dog just has to do what a dog has to do.  They did have a puritanical streak though.  Whenever I took a nap in the afternoon they were absolutely outraged and both of them would take up post outside my bedroom door.

Time for bed.