Some Interesting Statistics

I think anyone who reads my blog will realise I am not a rabid Windoze basher but I do admit to being pro Linux. Windows has brought relatively easy and useful computer use to the masses and that cannot be a bad thing. Of my three laptops 2 are running Windoze, a venerable NT version and my old work laptop runs Windoze XP but my main everyday laptop runs linux, I also have a Linux freecom FSG-3 and a twee Linux RISC box. For many years I have used Firefox and Open Office which were both originally developed for Linux.

One of the problems with Linux and Linux applications is trying to find out how popular they are i.e. what is their market share, difficult because most Linux distros and applications are free and this is why I am putting these statistics into the public domain. These figures come from a site that went public in February 2012. I think they are useful stats as they are from a site which is completely unbiased with regards to software, platforms or any technical issues, they are in fact for a site set up for the disabled community.

Site Statistics March 2012

Unique visitors                          Number of visits                       Hits
2018                                              5297                                             190442

Operating Systems

Windows                                      153041                                        80.3 %
Linux                                             25186                                          13.2 %
Macintosh                                    11003                                           5.7 %
Unknown                                      1132                                              0.5 %
BlackBerry                                   57                                                  0 %
Java                                               14                                                  0 %
Java Mobile                                 5                                                    0 %
Symbian OS                                4                                                    0 %

Note: Robots and search spiders are not shown in the statistics, these are actual users.


Firefox                                                        135575                                   71.1 %
MS Internet Explorer                              24889                                     13 %
Google Chrome                                        1727                                         9 9 %
Safari                                                          968                                          6 5 %
Unknown                                                   986                                          0.5 %
Android browser (PDA/Phone)            677                                           0.3 %
Mozilla                                                       631                                           0.3 %
Opera                                                          360                                          0.1 %
Netscape                                                     114                                           0 %
IPhone (PDA/Phone)                               113                                           0 %
Others                                                          132                                          0 %


Blurry vision

For a techy geek I am strangely luddite in my approach to mobile phones, I have one but I often leave it at home and when I do use it I only want to make voice calls or send texts.  I refuse to learn txt spch and stick with the old fashioned text speech or plain English.  4 is a number and not the start of a word or a word on it’s own.

 The distinction between mobile phones and laptop computers however, is  becoming blurred and computers I like and get on with very well.  I am on first  name terms with several computers.  I have decided to get a mobile phone which  blurs the edge between talking and computing and is almost a tablet PC.

I am not getting an Apple iphone, I have very moral reasons for never buying an  Apple computing product although I  do admit that technically they are very  good and often innovative in a good  way.  It is just that Apple insist on a  closed platform, if you want software you have to buy it from Apple or a company that closely associates itself with Apple.  Did you know that f you want to change the battery on an Ipad you have to send your Ipad back to Apple and they don’t even return to you your own Ipad.

I am going for the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is almost a tablet.  Of course I would prefer if the OS was Linux but I should be able to live with Android 2.3

The final reason for selecting this phone is for my camping holidays on the Honda chickenchaser.  Weight and space are at a premium and I do not want to take one of my laptops with me. The S2 will do all that I have to do when away from home. check email. GPS, play music, camera and camcorder all in one 118g package.  I could even use it as a phone