About the photos above

These are photos from the roof of an embassy in Algiers.  It is a 2.4 metre antenna with a 5 watt Ku band radio package.  I was contacted by Verizon and asked if I could help them out as the circuit was problematic.  The yellow package on the left is my spectrum analyser, a Promax.  A fine wee speck anny designed for TVRO but good enough for peaking onto boresight at L band for satcomms.


2 comments on “About the photos above

  1. Maggie says:

    I have been to Algiers myself. It is a beautiful city in places. I guess those photographs are from Hydra as that is the district where most of the embassies are.


    • alespiller says:

      Yes you are correct. It is Hydra. When in Algiers I was often in that area as it is where all the petrochem companies have their head offices. You probably went to the hotel El Djazair, the former St. George, where Churchill used to stay during Workd War II. I used to stay there when I could but often had to stay at the Sheraton Club des Pins for work reasons.

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