I have returned from Englandshire which I found exactly where I expected I would.  Amels’ parents were there and I had not seen them for three years so it was good to see them again.  They had brought several kilos of Biskra dates with them which were very, very good and also some mhadjeb.  Any Algerian will tell you that the best dates come from Biskra, unless they are from a different area of Algeria in which case another wilaya will be home to the best dates.  Mhadjeb is best described as a filled pancake or crêpe, made from semolina and filled with a cooked mixture of onion, tomato, and red pepper.  Everyone I know agree that mhadjeb are very good eating indeed.  I will be making some mhadjeb as soon as I get some fine semolina.

There were fifteen people for christmas day so the house was fair full.  Johns’ parents were there as well and I had not seen them for over three years either, in fact at that time I had been quite ill and my weight was down to about 50 kilos.  There were already too many cooks in the kitchen so I did practically nothing for the dinner except eat it which was not at all a difficult thing to do as it was all very fine.

After the festivities it was time to settle the bill.  I was given my orders, sort the surround sound and cabling and it had better be neat and tidy, fit a wall mount television in the kitchen.  I did these jobs no problem and found a few others to do as they had only been in the house for 4 or 5 weeks their previous house having proved too small for their two Rhodesian Ridgeback hounds.

Amel liked how quickly my old Toshiba laptop booted up so I tidied up her Windows installation and since there was plenty of hard disk space made her Sony Vaio a dual-boot into PCLinuxOS which is a Linux distro I have started using and have found to be very good.  The PCLinuxOS install went very smoothly apart from the internal sound card which took me a couple of hours to sort out.  I found that the Sony Vaio often gives problems in this area.  I added the usual Linux goodies, Firefox browser, Thunderbird e-mail client, Libre Office office suite, an MSN messenger client, Skype, a laptop battery monitor and a desktop calculator.

I got all my work completed just in time for my return to Edinburgh where I am now undergoing intensive sleep therapy.  When I am well enough to get out of my bed I shall be making some mhadjeb and getting some work done on my Supercub 90.


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