Old photos

I thought I had left all my photos in storage when I left spain but I found 4 in my suitcase dating from 2 different stages in my earlier life.

Chauffeur.  Age 18 .  One of my first jobs.  I am driving the family car not the bridal one as no white ribbons.  The car is a Daimler 420.

I am well and truly knackered after completing a slalom race in Germany in 1984.

1985 practice.  Messing around in one of the lakes at Roermond in Holland.

1984 April to get the snow and ice melt which swells the rivers in Norway.  This river is the Sjoa, one of the rivers I paddled when qualifying as an advanced canoe instructor.  I am leading on a grade 3 maybe 3+ run having to momentarily hold my paddle high so it doesn’t catch on the water.  Further down the Sjoa there is a gorge and the water gets up to grade 5.  An advanced canoe instructor has to be competent on grade 5 so he can lead on grade 4.


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