New decision

I have thought about it for a while.  I have not owned a car for 12 years, my driving has been done in company or rental cars.  My last motorbike, a Yamaha FJ1200, was sold nearly 20 years ago.  I now live in Edinburgh, a city with excellent public transport but to use it properly costs a fair bit of money I would rather spend elsewhere.  It is time I had a bike again.    Not a bicycle as I could not manage one of them.  I need a wee motorbike or even a scooter.  After much thought I have decided that I need to get myself a Honda C90.  One of the best selling Super Cub series motorcycle with over 60 million manufactured since 1958.  The C90 with a top speed of over 50 mph (80 kph) it is perfect for riding round town, easily keeping up with city traffic flow.  Low cost insurance, road tax, fuel consumption about 120 mpg, easy maintenance and despite not having been sold new in the UK for about 20 years spare parts are relatively cheap and easily found.  If you buy a C90 at a reasonable price and look after it there will be no depreciation in its value, in fact I have seen mint condition ones advertised at ‘new’ prices.


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